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World's Strongest Girl

Hey Strong Girls, check out a new site we made just for you. It's all about World's Strongest Girl. And by that, we mean you!

Read these helpful hints first, then click the link below to get started on the adventure! If you are younger than 13, please have a parent or guardian join you for the first time.

When you first click the link, you'll see an animated video of World's Strongest Girl. At the end of the video, click on her imaginary sash to hear talking avatar badges that tell the stories girls just like you have already submitted! We don't edit the stories so they appear just like they were written.

Then create your own talking avatar and add a few mighty tales of your own. Use your own experiences as a story starter or just think of something totally outrageous! This is a space just for girls like you. Enjoy!

Click here to jump to our World's Strongest Girl microsite just for girls!