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Staff Contact List

Our staff members welcome your questions, comments and good news.

All staff may be reached by dialing our council phone number 1-855-ILOVEGS (1-855-456-8347) and using the listed extension. In some cases, a full phone number is noted. 

Please send your e-mails to staff using their first initial and last name Thank you for your understanding that we choose not list all e-mail links directly to avoid automated spamming issues. 

Don't know who to call? Please see our contact list by subject area.

Name Title Phone
Celeste Adams-Holecek Property Rental Registrar/Business Services Coordinator 6323
Maria Aguado GirlSpace Facilitator
Steven Aguina Director of Finance and Organizational Insight 6319
Veronica Aguinaga Membership Specialist 5926
Eboni Allen Membership Specialist 2324
Nancy Armstrong Membership Specialist 9235
Kelly Baer Shop Associate 1944
Miriam Baker Membership Strategy Advocate 2706
Erica Barton Volunteer Services Coordinator 5907
Shena Bean Governance and Strategy Administrator 6314
Latoya Bearden-Gardner Membership Specialist 2325
Rebecca Becker Strategy and Governance Administrator 6303
Tycee Bell Membership Specialist 2708
Audria Bowden Payroll Associate 6308
Deborah Boyd GirlSpace Facilitator
Rebecca Brewer Membership Specialist 5912
Debbie Brice Membership Registrar 5935
Maggie Bridger Program Facilitator, Journey World 6373
Peggy Brothers Director of Camp Programs 2713
Alett Brown GirlSpace Facilitator/Data Entry 6358
Icesis Cain Community Engagement Specialist 2320
Carl Canale Director of Product Program 5972
Amanda Cervantes Senior Manager of Retail Operations 2702
Kimberly Cervantes Business Services Coordinator 1951
Charisse Chamorro Director of Membership 9219
Ashley Christensen Manager of Program Partnerships 6322
Lis Christensson Adult Development Manager, Central Region 5909
Taylor Chustz STEM Facilitator
Patricia Colin Community Engagement Specialist 5983
Carmen Colyer Membership Specialist 2326
Irene Crea Membership Specialist 9233
Denise Cribbs GirlSpace Facilitator
Debi Cullen Business Services Coordinator 2711
Lolita Cusic GirlSpace Facilitator
Valeria DeLeon Community Engagement Specialist 5914
Tezcatli Diaz Membership Specialist 5917
Norma Dreux-Tabb Receptionist 2302
Kerrie DuBrock Office Administrator 2304
Kim Dupczak Assistant Manager, Journey World 6372
Marie Erbeck Membership Specialist 5905
Barbara Erdman Accounts Payable Associate 6370
Marty Ewing Membership Manager 5922
Patricia Fay Vice President, HR and Administration 6344
Gwen Ferguson Vice President, Volunteer Services 5908
Jodi Firchau Membership Specialist 1953
Steven Fisher Property Manager, Camp Butternut Springs 312-550-1458
John Flam Director of Property 847-909-6624
Angela Flennoy Manager of Adult Development 5976
Angela Foster Product Program Manager 2714
Charlie Mae Franklin GirlSpace Facilitator
Debra Fredericks Trading Post Associate, Butternut Springs 312.416.2500
Tamika Frelix Community Engagement Specialist 5984
Ashley Fuhri Coordinator of Annual Giving and Development 6330
Ariel Fuller Healthy Living Facilitator
Jessica Galvan Membership Specialist 5918
Mike Gende Director of Information Technology 6350
Pam Gervase Accounts Payable Associate 6369
Julia Gilmartin Director of Volunteer Services 5973
Kelly Glynn Membership Specialist 5915
Victoria Golden Program Manager, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship 6331
Beth Golemo Membership Specialist 9237
Patricia Gomez Community Engagement Specialist
Rae Haffner Retail Associate, Lisle 5901
Emily Hall Community Engagement Specialist 9240
Maria Hamann Camp Director, Butternut Springs
Laureen Head Membership Specialist 2322
Jessica Herron Membership Specialist 1959
Lenora Hethington GirlSpace Facilitator
Craig Hill Property Maintenance Technician 312-720-8476
Jill Hudson Vice President, Foundation, Public, and Government Grants 6341
Natalie Hughes Brand Voice Advocate 6352
Brenda Jensen Trading Post Associate, Camp Pokanoka
Kevin Jensen Property Manager, Camp Pokanoka 815-545-7818
Alicia Joebgen Membership Specialist 2720
Tiffany Johnson Receptionist - Chicago 6324
Conchetta (CJ) Jones Product Program Manager 2331
Laura Jones Membership Specialist 2722
Mary Kaczmarek-Kulbida Manager, Business Services 6332
Vicki King Vice President of Partnerships, Alliances and Girl Initiatives 6326
Andrew Kingery Assistant Property Manager, Camp Butternut Springs 312-720-7845
Robin Kingery Assistant Property Manager & Trading Post Associate, Camp Juniper Knoll 312-533-1983
Wil Kingery Property Manager, Camp Juniper Knoll 312-656-7572
Kara Knazze GirlSpace Facilitator
Sarah Knipfer Membership Registrar 5911
Erin Lain Community Engagement Specialist
Sheri Lambert Product Program Manager 2710
Villoria Land GirlSpace Facilitator
Tyeena Lassiter GirlSpace Facilitator
Tara Latto Assistant Manager, Camp Pathways
Sherrae Lee GirlSpace Facilitator
Samantha Lehman Membership Specialist 5924
Amanda Leiting Membership Specialist 2705
Alisa Lockhart Girl Space Manager 6334
Samantha Lucheck Outdoor Program Manager 2716
Jeanette Malinowski Membership Specialist 9232
Karen Malone IT Support Specialist 6353
Alisa Manzo Office Administrator 1942
Andrea Mayoral Community Engagement Specialist 2717
Catherine McAfee GirlSpace Facilitator
Chris McCarthy Director of Membership 2707
Akiba McKinney GirlSpace Facilitator
Stephanie McNeely Digital Engagement Strategist 6349
Shari Millard Product Program Administrator 5906
Linda Miller Product Program Assistant 1948
Azarah Mock Shop Associate - Homewood 2303
Tremaine Monshizadeh Healthy Living Facilitator
Rajeeyah Muhammad Girl Space Facilitator
Mireya Munoz Girl Space Facilitator
Ivory Myles Community Engagement Specialist 2321
Debbie Nawara Director of Adult Development and Training Innovation 5975
Sarah Nowicki Program Facilitator 9257
Latanya O'Connor Community Engagement Specialist
Christa Ojeda Chief Financial Officer 6348
Rhonda Olenik Coordinator of IT 6351
Kevin O'Malley Staff Accountant 6379
Jasmine Owens Girl Space Facilitator
CeCe Palomar Executive Assistant 6317
Nirali Patel Membership Specialist 1957
Elizabeth Pearson Membership Specialist 5925
Ashley Pelz Membership Specialist 9227
Fay Peterson Shop Associate 2701
Jennifer Peterson Senior Manager, Retail Operations 6312
Susan Planert Membership Specialist 1967
Susan Rakis Director of Product Program 2309
Jess Rangel Marketing Content Guru (Specialist) 6325
David Rastall Property Manager, Camp River Trails 815-272-6184
Kelly Reek Shop Associate, Vernon Hills 9249
Bryn Reese Chief Development & Marketing Officer 6342
Patsy Rodriguez Membership Specialist 9226
Judy Roess Program/Training Registrar 5933
Janelle Romero Program Manager, Healthy Living 6357
Yulanda Ross Accounting Supervisor 6315
Lacy Ryan Office Administrator 5931
Stacey Saffold GirlSpace Facilitator
Guadalupe (Lupe) Santos Volunteer Services Coordinator 9259
Candice Schmidt STEM Program Manager 6376
Kimberlyn Schultz Community Engagement Specialist 9278
Peggie Schultz Office Administrator 9254
Zoe Schwartz Program Manager 6355
Alyxandria Schwarzwalder Membership Support Specialist 5913
Sintelle Scott Program Facilitator 2312
Julie Somogyi Vice President of Member and Mission Engagement 6336
Jacqueline Stancil-Smith Membership Specialist 2313
Meg Starasinich Program Facilitator 5980
Cindy Stath Director of Volunteer Services 1963
Kathy Stigler Product Program Manager, North Region 9251
Barb Stott Community Engagement Manager 2704
Kathleen Suda Membership Specialist 5981
Francis Sullivan Assistant Property Manager, Camp Greene Wood 312-720-7537
Laura Szymanski Membership Specialist 9229
Rosemary Taylor Shop Associate, Joliet 2725
Mary Sue Terrance Registration Center Manager 5974
Julie Trione Membership Specialist 9277
Karina Villafuerte Community Engagement Specialist 2718
Valeata Walker GirlSpace Facilitator
Angela Wallin Community Engagement Specialist 2715
Ashley Walter Community Engagement Specialist 2721
Christine Ward Membership Specialist 1960
Alma Ware GirlSpace Facilitator
Jenny Waszak HR Business Partner 6310
Carolyn Wheat Membership Specialist 5916
Sue Whisson Membership Specialist 2307
Lauren Wiese Retail Associate, Chicago 6366
Nancy Wright Chief Executive Officer 6301
Katie Young Camp Director, Pokanoka 815-651-2712
Lori Yule Business Services Coordinator 5977
Pamela Zelenka Shop Manager, Lisle 5902
Cheryl Zminda Director of Foundation, Public, and Government Relations 6340