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Journey World's dynamic curriculum is designed to appeal to both the 86,000 Girl Scouts who live in the greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana region, as well as to K-12th grade students across the area. This center for leadership and innovation challenges young people to think creatively about commerce, entrepreneurship, science, math, and the environment, then take action to make the world a better place.

The sensory-stimulating center is uniquely designed as two separate floors that spotlight interrelated learning opportunities. On the It's Your Planet - Love It! floor, a 10,000-square foot "Eco-Lab" transforms students into young scientists.

On the It's Your Future- Dream It! floor, a "mini-city" invites students to simulate real job responsibilities in offices that have been visually customized to resemble known institutions and businesses. The programs culminate with a full-day simulation at Journey World where students apply important concepts and skills as they take on real-life business, government, and civic careers.

"Journey World is indicative of what the Girl Scouts have been doing since our inception – inspiring girls on a life-long journey toward leadership," said Maria Wynne, CEO Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. "Findings from the National Girl Scout Research Institute study, Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership, revealed that girls feel that places for them to develop their leadership skills are scarce. Students who actively participate in the curriculum will be transformed by new ideas about leadership and how person has the potential to make a significant impact on our world."

Kierra, 14, of Dolton, IL, says the experience will prepare both her and her peers for what lies ahead by giving them a place to practice the skills they need to take on leadership roles in their communities. "It's so cool that you can use your imagination in Journey World to explore different careers. It gives people the opportunity to try something different and imagine the impact each of us can have."

Organizations and groups of students will have the choice of visiting during the week or on the weekends, depending on the workshops (or even overnights) of interest.