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the girl's Guide to Girl scouting

In September 2011, GSUSA debuted an exciting new resource for girls: The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Girls at each grade level have their own Girl’s Guide, so there are six publications. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting includes: a variety of badge offerings, handbook sections covering traditions and history, Cookie badges, an awards log, and much more.

The Girl’s Guide was available for use beginning in fall 2011, with the transition period running through September 2012. Ultimately, the goal is to provide the promised, national portfolio:  Journeys + Girl’s Guide (badges!)

  • Girls have plenty of badges and awards available to earn!
  • There is a Girl’s Guide for each of the six Girl Scout levels.
  • The Girl’s Guide comes in the form of a binder so girls can add to it as they go along.
  • What’s great for girls? The new badges offer girls variety, choice and relevance. Now, girls, parents and volunteers have an easier time understanding the requirements for badges.
  • In addition to the awards they are earning through the Journeys, the Girl’s Guide gives girls the opportunity to earn Legacy badges, Financial Literacy badges, as well as Cookie Business badges at each level.
  • The Girl’s Guide is the girl’s fluid program backbone. The facilitator’s guides are found with the journeys.
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What is in The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting?

Handbook Section

My Girl Scouts Section

The My Girl Scouts section is designed just for girls and allows girls to personalize their Girl Scout experience by scrapbooking and documenting their activities

Legacy Badges

  • Artist
  • The Girl Scout Way
  • Citizen
  • Cook
  • First Aid
  • Athlete
  • Naturalist

Financial Literacy Badges
Girls can earn a different Financial Literacy Badge each year.
(Daisies earn Financial Literacy “leaves.”)

Cookie Business Badges
Girls can earn a different Cookie Business Badge each year.
(Daisies earn Cookie Business “leaves.”)

Make Your Own
An opportunity for girls to pursue to beloved topics that are important to them. This badge category definitely offers greater customization. Badges have the same age level shape as previous badges and are professionally made by one of our manufacturers.

My Promise, My Faith Pin
Journey Summit Pin

For Designated Levels

  • Program Aide (P.A.), Counselor-in-Training (CIT), Leader-in-Training is now Volunteer-in-Training (VIT)
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards




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