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What Can a Girl Do? A World of Good!

Girls sell Girl Scout Cookies once a year, and soon they'll be taking orders Jan. 1-25, 2015! With the guidance of troop leaders, parents and the power of the Girl Scout Cookies, girls can make positive changes in the world around them. A girl can speak for those less fortunate, foster changes where they’re needed and have a true impact close to home, and even on the other side of the world. The Girl Scout Cookie program is lots of fun and it’s also the largest girl-led business in the country while helping girls develop five key business and leadership skills that last a lifetime:

  • GOAL SETTING - setting cookie sales goals and making a plan to achieve them
  • DECISION MAKING – deciding how the troop will spend their troop proceeds
  • MONEY MANAGEMENT  - taking orders and handling customers’ money
  • PEOPLE SKILLS - learning to talk and listen to all kinds of people while offering the opportunity to purchase cookies (order taking, booth sales, Cookie Club™ an on-line form for cookie “promises”, make a donation to the council wide program Gift of Caring)
  • BUSINESS ETHICS - being honest and responsible every step of the way

All registered Girl Scouts beginning at the Daisy level, whose parents or guardians have turned in a permission and responsibility form are eligible to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie program.

Cookie site sales at locations in our 245 communities will be available in February and March.

If you'd like to be part of the Girl Scout Cookie program or any other program or activity that helps build strong girls, visit our Be a Volunteer section. 

What's our recipe for success? Check out how the Girl Scout Cookie program benefits the girls and troops who are directly involved.

Gift of Caring