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Contact List by Subject Area

Staff welcome your questions, comments and good news. The following staff are the primary contacts for the appropriate subject area listed. All employees may be reached via e-mail using their first initial and last name We choose not to include direct links here to avoid automated spamming issues.

Communications and Marketing

Media Requests

Julie Somogyi, Vice President Member and Mission Engagement, 312-912-6336

eNewsletters, Website, Social Media

Natalie Hughes, Brand Voice Advocate, 312-912-6352


Additional Trip Insurance

Pam Gervase, Accounts Payable Specialist, 312-912-6369

Accounts Payable

Pam Gervase, Accounts Payable Specialist, 312-912-6369

Accounts Receivable

Barbara Erdman, Accounts Receivable Specialist, 312-912-6370

Fund Development, Individual Giving

Bryn Reese, Chief Development Officer, 312-912-6342


Board of Directors, Annual Meeting

Becky Becker, 312-912-6303


Council Essentials, Troop Fundraising, Recruitment Fliers, New Troop Bank Accounts, Troop Reports

Contact the membership specialist assigned to your service unit. If you do not know your membership specialist, please contact:

Marty Ewing, Manager - Volunteer-Led, 630-544-5922

Trip Applications

Looking for a troop?

Call 1-855-ILOVEGS

Product Program, Fall Product and Cookies

Fall Product Program, Incentives and Depositing Monies

General Questions: 855-ILOVEGS, ext. 6722
Sheri Lambert, Product Program Manager, 815-723-3449, ext. 2710
Angela Foster, Product Program Manager, 815-651-2714

Magazine Order Problems


Cookie Program

General Questions: 855-ILOVEGS, ext. 6722
Sheri Lambert, Product Program Manager, 815-723-3449, ext. 2710
Angela Foster, Product Program Manager, 815-651-2714

Program and Innovation

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards;  Entrepreneurship Programs, Camp CEO

Zoe Schwartz, Program Manager of Older Girl Initiatives and Financial Literacy, 312-912-6355

Camp Programs

Peggy Brothers, Director of Camp Programs, 815-651-2713
Tara Latto, Camp Director at Greene Wood, 1-855-ILOVEGS
Samantha Lucheck, Camp Director at Juniper Knoll, Outdoor Program Manager, 815-651-2716

Journey World, Financial Literacy

Lisa Nguyen, Manager, 312-835-8191

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Candice Schmidt, Manager of STEM, 312-912-6376

Arts and Cultural Awareness Programs, Council's Own, Service Projects, Travel and Destinations

Ashley Christensen, Manager of Program Partnerships, 312-912-6322

Healthy Living, Sporting Events
Janelle Romero, Manager of Program, 312-912-6357

Online Registration for Events, Refunds

Judy Roess, Program Registrar, 630-544-5933


Property Rental, Camp Food Service, Pool Usage, Locations, Outside Groups Renting Camp Properties

Celeste Adams-Holecek, Camp Registrar, 312-912-6323


Uniforms, Patches, Handbooks, Gifts

To see the complete list of our locations click here!

Online Order Issues

Lauren Wiese, 312-912-6368

Volunteer Services

Adult Recognition

Cindy Stath, Director of Volunteer Services - South Region, 219-472-1963

LEAP, Leader's Conference

Debbie Nawara, Director of Adult Development and Training Innovation, 630-544-5975

Online Registration for Training

Judy Roess, Program Registrar, 630-544-5933

Online Registration for Becoming a Member

1-855-ILOVEGS, ext. 6720

Volunteer Application for Becoming a Volunteer or Leader

Lupe Santos, Volunteer Services Coordinator, 224-207-9259

Volunteer Essentials, CPR, First Aid, Outdoor Training, Position Training, Online Training

Lis Christensson, Manager - Adult Development, 630-544-5909 - or -
Angela Flennoy, Manager - Adult Development, 630-544-5976


Visiting Troops from Other Councils

Mary Kaczmarek-Kulbida, Manager of Office Administration, 312-912-6332