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Be her superhero

There are so many ways you can help her discover her spark! You’ll be her guide, her cheerleader, her scientist buddy and more. You’ll discover as much as they do along the way, and you’ll have just as much fun! The time commitment is up to you; check out the flexible volunteer options available to fit your schedule. Give a little and get a lot in return by volunteering today.

Just start with these simple steps!

1. Submit a Volunteer Application - Complete our online volunteer application form.
If you prefer to submit a paper application, please download the PDF.

2. Complete the online membership registration process. If you are a guardian with a girl who will be participating, you may also complete her registration online. Be sure to submit the $15 membership fee for each adult and girl participating.

3. Participate in the trainings that are listed in your e-mail volunteer approval notification.

You’re now ready to volunteer!