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Girl Scout cookie Loop Site Sales

What is a loop site?

It is a Girl Scout tradition in downtown Chicago for several high-rise buildings and businesses to host cookie-selling troops in their lobbies or stores on a weekday, non-federal holidays from morning rush hour through the evening rush hour. 

This is an incredible opportunity with immeasurable benefits, but it comes with a very significant commitment on the part of a troop and each participating Girl Scout and adult.

This year's official Loop Site Days are March 25 and April 15 and 16, 2014. Registration begins Jan. 2, 2014. 

Loop Sites are the only time a troop can host a cookie booth in the Chicago Loop, and the experience is vastly different from that of a neighborhood booth site. Girls may be in contact with CEOs and entrepreneurs, as well as local or national celebrities. The interaction between customers is escalated because the vast majority of the sites are inside, giving a comfortable atmosphere for questions from customers, like...
      • What do you like best about being a Girl Scout?
      • What are you going to do with your cookie proceeds?
      • What is your goal this year?