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Using Our natural resources wisely

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana's camp properties boast a wide assortment of natural resources that must be managed properly. The trees, animals, plants and types of soil in each location are all part of an interactive community of elements that serve to reinforce our philosophy that teaching girls of all ages about the environment is vital.

As part of our growing and evolving stewardship plans for each of our properties, we are working on developing individual forest management programs that build on established practices and resources made available to us from a variety of respected agencies and organizations dedicated to preserving and maintaining natural lands.

Forest management plans enable us to promote new growth, support wildlife, provide aesthetics, enhance recreation, control invasive species, and promote clean water and air. Most of the activity supported by our forest management plans occurs during the months between spring and fall.

One of the first steps of our comprehensive forest management plan, which have been undertaken at several properties, is the process of harvesting of trees in areas showing signs of stress or overpopulation. This process identifies and recommends removal of invasive species and over-mature hardwood trees. Once those trees have been removed, new growth is supported and encouraged. Girl Scouts makes every effort to repurpose the removed trees for use by others.

We are committed to proper stewardship of our natural resources, and over time our plans will continue to grow.