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Register a Troop through esubmit

eSubmit is only for the 2014 membership year (October 1, 2013-September 30, 2014). If you want to register for next year, please use the new system beginning April 28, 2014, at For more information, please review our family guide or leader guide

eSubmit: It's the fast, easy and convenient way to register to be a Girl Scout with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana! If you do not live in our area, please use Girl Scouts of the USA's council finder to locate the Girl Scout council nearest you.

Instructions for Troop Leaders


Why should you encourage the girls and adults in your troop to use eSubmit?
• Replaces paper forms and is environmentally friendly
• Secure payments with less handling of cash
• Quicker process with 24/7 online availability
• Fewer misplaced forms

Get all the details on your troop instruction packet from your service unit. 


• Fill out the eSubmit Troop Registration Information form. This gives us your troop’s vital information from the dues summary. 
• Register yourself using eSubmit, so you understand the process.  Forms are available for annual members, those who wish to sign up as lifetime members for the first time or those who wish to update their lifetime membership information.
• Give your parents the Quick Start Guide which explains the registration process.  Fill in the blanks to include your troop and SU #s and your e-mail.  Talk to them about Family Partnership and pass out the brochures.
• Parents should forward or print their eSubmit confirmation e-mail to you as receipt.
• Have all parents re-sign any health histories within the 3-year cycle.
• Collect any new health histories, product program permission slips to keep with your troop records.
• Any paper registration forms will use the same process as last year.  Fill out a dues summary form.

FAQs for Leaders


Q. A parent forwarded me their confirmation e-mail, and I noticed a typo. How can I correct it?
A. Forward the confirmation to and let us know what needs to be changed. We'll be happy to make the corrections for you.

Q. I received my troop confirmation and something needs to be updated. How do I correct it?
A. You may fill out the troop information again and choose the "corrected information" button so we know this is an updated. You may also forward the confirmation to and let us know what needs to be changed. We'll be happy to make the corrections for you.

Q. Can new troops use eSubmit?
A. If they have a troop number assigned, then YES!

Q. If I have re-registering girls and new girls in my troop can we still use eSubmit?

Q. Can I reuse old registration forms?
A. No! Since the GSUSA national annual registration dues are now $15, please recycle all of the old forms that list $12.

Q. How do we register members at an event?
A. You have a few options.  Use one or use them all!
• Use the paper forms.
• Give out the Quick Start Guides in advance and they can bring their confirmations to the event.
• Have a computer/tablet at the event so they can register right there!

Q. Can Girl Scout Ambassadors graduating from high school use eSubmit to purchase their lifetime membership at the discounted rate?  
A. No, because of the special discount, they need to use paper forms. Please submit by Sept. 1 of their graduating year to realize the discount.

Q. Can adults register as lifetime members before the fee increase and pay $300 instead of $375?
A.  Yes, if they fill out the lifetime eSubmit form or their paper form with payment is received by Sept. 1, 2013.

Q. Can you register for this year, 2012-13, with eSubmit?
A. No. eSubmit is set for the for dues increase to $15 for annual membership, therefore it is only for next membership year.  

Q. Can we still use cookie money to pay for all the registrations?
A. Yes, but you need to use the paper process.  eSubmit is set up for parents to register the girls. Some troops have a registration night where parents come to the meeting and fill out the eSubmit form at the meeting, and then the troop leader fills in the payment information with the troop debit/credit card information.

Q. What are the early registration incentives?
A.  All girls who register using eSubmit or paper by June 28, 2013, will receive an early registration patch in the fall. In addition, troops receive early registration incentives if they have a minimum of 5 girls and 2 adults registered. Troops that meet this requirement by May 30, 2013, will receive a 10% off coupon to the shop, a $5 discount on a Journey Facilitator Set, and a free tote bag. Troops that miss the initial deadline but achieve 5 girls and 2 adults by June 28 receive a 5% off coupon to the shop and a free tote bag.

Q. When do we receive early registration incentives?
A. Patches for girls will be delivered to your October service unit meeting. Troop incentives will be available this summer. To use troop incentives, the shop will have a list of troops that qualified for incentives. We cannot specify a date of availability at this time but can guarantee you will have at least 60 days to use the coupons before they expire on Sept. 30, 2013.

Q.  Can individual members use eSubmit?
A.  Yes.  Juliettes and service unit-affiliated adult members can enter their service unit number only and click the independent Girl Scout button in eSubmit.

Q. How will I know when a girl registers in my troop?
A.  Parents should print or forward their e-mail confirmation to you. Use the eSubmit Quick Start Guide to make sure the parents have your e-mail address.

Q.  Where can I get more forms?
A.  You may download copies of all forms from the eSubmit forms webpage in PDFs or fillable PDFs. If you need additional paper forms you contact your service unit registrar or pick up forms that any of the six Gathering Places.

Q.  What is the troop information form?
A.  This online form gives us the troop details usually provided on the dues summary. Providing this information before your troop members use eSubmit will help registration be completed more quickly. Once you fill out the form, please forward a copy of your confirmation e-mail to your service unit manager or registrar.

Q. I am a leader for more than one troop.  Do I have to register for each troop through eSubmit?
A.  No.  Choose your primary troop affiliation for the initial troop question.  When you get to the section on position codes, enter 01 and troop number on the first line, then 01 and your second troop on the next line.  There are four lines available as well as a comments box for additional positions.  You can also use these for service unit or council direct positions such as Service Unit Manager, Board Member, office volunteer, etc.


If you have questions, please contact the eSubmit Hotline by e-mail or phone at 1-855-ILOVEGS extension 6720.