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Future CEO

For me, I was inspired to sell boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from all of the contagious enthusiasm. In previous years, I have continually seen people completely in LOVE with Girl Scout Cookies. One college kid who saw our site sale booth jumped three feet in the air and said "YES! I have been looking for these for two weeks! Finally!" He brightened my day, making it all seem worthwhile. Another instance of the Cookie Lovers was the man who bought a box of Tagalongs from me then proceeded into the grocery store that I was outside of. Not more than ten minutes later, he came back to me saying, "Excuse me, I need to buy some more. I ran out already!" I have racked up countless stories like these that puts a smile on my face.

Talking to people seems like a natural human ability, but to some people like me, I need a purpose to become more comfortable to banter with people whom I do not know. Talking to the people about their day and which cookies they liked really improved the way I talk with people. I enjoyed learning and was actually fascinated by some of the things people said about their lives. One man bought five boxes of Thin Mints for the bear at the nature preserve where he worked! Turns out it was the bear’s favorite food!

Additionally, it may seem kind of funny to consider customers as heroes. I remember one lady with the most incredibly spontaneous act of kindness that I have ever witnessed. The best moment of my site sales was when a woman came up to me and bought 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, generous in itself. Then, she promptly turned around and said to the senior citizen walking past her, "Sir, I bought too many Girl Scout Cookies. Would you like a few?" and promptly handed him a few Thin Mint boxes. As the man graciously accepted, I was speechless by her generosity but my face was lit with joy. My mom did stop this customer hero to acknowledge and applaud her act of kindness since we wanted to let her know that she made cookie selling a truly special experience.

To be successful in cookie selling, I had to learn some marketing and strategy skills. These skills included determining which locations were prime on which day and what time of the day. I had to learn how to present myself and cookies to get seen at a busy location but not be annoying. And I had to plan how many cookies I needed each selling day and which kinds. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that having what the customer wants is key to maximizing sales. If I were to own a business or be a part of one someday, I have a strong base of useful experiences from selling Girl Scout Cookies to be more likely successful.

I have to admit that while I love the many skills that the Cookie Program bestows on me, I do always look forward to the prizes every year. This year, the council tried a new cookie reward of being a CEO for a day for the Top 5 Cookie Sellers. Having been lucky enough to be chosen, I was honored to spend an entire work day with the Chicago staff in what will be an experience I will remember for a lifetime. I will always be appreciative of the creative opportunities and activities that could only have been dreamt up by the most dedicated and nicest people. Each staff member was amazing to meet and is sincere about bettering girls. And I can see that our council cares about making a difference for girls in the world, myself included. This cookie reward (CEO for a Day) is definitely worth selling extra cookies.

I love selling cookies. I truly believe that the Girl Scout Cookie Program has made me a “smarter cookie” in many ways.

Samantha, Girl Scout Cadette, 2,446 boxes sold

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