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Considerate and Caring

Hi, my name is Aliya and I donated my prize from cookie sales to a great cause. Over the winter holidays I went to mass with my family when Father Paul from Resurrection Church was talking about how much money they needed to buy a new roof for our church. Later that day I was telling my grandpa who’s a deacon that I wanted to help raise money to pay for the new roof.

As I asked my family for cookie orders I realized how great it would be to earn the bike for our summer festival raffle. I took a lot of orders from my friends and family, and it still wasn’t enough. I asked my mom if we could take open slots for booth sales. It took a lot of cheering and dancing in front of a lot of people at our booth until the final total came in. I was one box over my goal! I was super excited when I called my grandpa that I had reached my goal. All the hard work paid off!

When we received the bike, I asked my brother-in-law, who is a manager at a bike rental place, to put the bike together. He took the bike to one of his mechanics, and my grandpa delivered the bike to the festival. Father Paul asked me to pick the winning raffle number. He also had me explain my journey and why I donated the bike. He also asked me what it was to be a Girl Scout.

I’m a Girl Scout because it has made me a strong and positive person. I’m lucky to have my mom as one of my Girl Scout leaders. She is a great role model. I hope to continue trying to raise more money to help my grandpa’s church. That’s what a Girl Scout is. 

-Aliya M., 9

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